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Architectural and Urban Design Inclusive Smart City


    3.5 - 5 years

About Course

The program, following international standard, provides expertise with integration of international knowledge and skills from various fields such as landscape architecture, transportation and infrastructure, economics, society, environment and technology to the field of architectural and urban design for inclusive smart city.

After graduation, students have competence to work for public or private, international, NGOs, state agencies. To develop professional capacity, students could follow a master’s degree program for two years to obtain a master’s degree and an architect’s degree.


  • Become a global citizen with knowledge of planning and urban design by international standards, using fluent English as the basis for students’ lifelong learning;
  • Multi-sectoral integrated approach from the fields of environment, art, engineering, planning, public policy, etc. and gain diverse experiences from lectures, seminars, field visits, etc. Some subjects will be taught by international professors, lectureres and experts;
  • Drawings and courses are designed based on research to solve practical problems (ordered by state management agencies, domestic and foreign private companies);
  • Applications of advancded technologies: VR, AR, 3D printing, urban simulation, etc.;
  • Using the modern smart urban studioLab;
  • Comprehensive cooperation with international university partners from Belgium, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zeland, Australia, France, Thailand, Myanmar, India etc;
  • Enhance work ethic, integrity, and social responsibility.

How to Apply

  • Admission of blocks: A00; A01; D01; V00 (in addition to the V-block without multiplier)

  • No aptitude tests. Talent subject will be trained after entry into Squeeze.

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Program structure

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